COLD AS ICE by Elizabeth Levy


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An entertaining mystery for older readers, from the author of the popular ""Something Queer. . ."" series. Since her mother is head of security at ""The Dome"" (a Madison Square Garden-like complex in New York City), 16-year-old Kelly knows all its in and outs--knowledge that serves her well when danger threatens the latest attraction: two handsome figure skaters in fierce competition for a chance at an Olympic gold. The skaters' fund-raising tour is abruptly interrupted, however, when both become victims of near-fatal accidents. Meanwhile, Kelly is beginning to fall for Ken, the newer skater of the two; but he has an arrest record and is a prime suspect. The climax occurs in a series of swiftly moving scenes, including a life-and-death confrontation on ice. Kelly is a plucky, thoughtful heroine with a good sense of humor; the outcome is believable as well as satisfying; and the New York City atmosphere is effective and authentic. Good, light fare.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1988
Page count: 176pp
Publisher: Morrow