MONSIEUR JANVIER by Elizabeth Linington


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Ringan Montieth, youngest son of a proud Highland chieftain, had left Scotland before Culloden, and was -- or fancied himself- successfully expatriated and an artist of growing repute in Paris. His price was still his own- as evidenced when he turned heel on a lovely Countess, a rich widow who- he thought- felt she could buy his love. But he found he was still a Montieth when he learned that he now was head of his broken clan, his father, brothers and sister slain by the treachery of the chieftain of the Mackinnon clan, who was paid in English gold.... This is the story of his revenge- a revenge that went awry, but cost him his honor, his integrity, his heart. He took Mackinnon's ill got gains- in a series of tricky card games, for which Montieth had learned a card sharpers skills. He took his mistress- and found her empty and cold. He planned to betray the daughter- but his Countess saved him that shame. Mackinnon's life was forfeit to another- but Montieth used the scene he stumbled on to his own ends- and, almost too late, repented, recanted and to a small degree reclaimed his soul. But the English gold- blood stained-was his, and none would take it. So he went back to Paris- and his lady, whom he now knew he loved. An end- and a means to an end- that leaves one cynically wondering. But entertaining reading.

Publisher: Doubleday