STRANGE FELONY by Elizabeth Linington


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Yet another L.A.P.D. procedural from the competent one-woman Linington-Egan-Shannon factory. All the predictable ingredients are here--the gas stations and store robbers, this time including a chubby loner senior-citizen and a young blonde woman with an ingenious M.O. There's an accusation of child molestation, proved false by Sergeant Daisy Maddox's careful investigation; a blameless husband dispatched by a pathologically jealous wife; and a particularly gruesome murder of another innocent by another sickle. And over all overs the murder of a young patrolman, Don Dunning. unsolved despite the best efforts of Detectives Ivor Maddox and Cesar Rodriquez. Then the almost random noting of a license-plate number breaks the case. Not quite as snappy as Felony Report (1984), but procedural fans won't be disappointed.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1986
Publisher: Doubleday