PERCHANCE OF DEATH by Elizabeth Linington


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Busy pages and lots of legwork for LAPD's finest--Ivor & Sue Maddox, Daisy Hoffman, Feinman, Rodriguez, and the rest--with cases that overlap, peter out, and pop up realistically instead of dovetailing dramatically. The big one this time is a convalescent-home Medicare flimflam, with constant interruptions for the latest on a rape, three murders (burglary, lover's quarrel, child-battering), and teen vandalism. The cops and copettes grouse heartily about how underpaid and overworked they are (Ivor's still wondering why he's so gosh-darned attractive to women), but they're a sneakily sentimental crowd (""Always more of the good people than the bastards"")--in the pasty but fast-flying procedural hands of a producer better known as L. Egan or D. Shannon.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1977
Publisher: Doubleday