CLAIRE by Elizabeth Lyle


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Despite some clandestine night riding involved in the smuggling trade: a generally tow-key, pleasant Regency entertainment--ornamented by Brighton, galas, and chinoiserie. Lovely mademoiselle Claire, escaped from France (where her father and fiancÉ were guillotined), decides to settle in Brighton with her countess cousin. There the ladies plan to support themselves by selling their Chinese and antique family treasures, with hopes of future shipments from Claire's brother Raoul--who's hiding in France. One benign, curious observer of these mysterious doings is the Honorable Vincent Carlow, a carefree bachelor who really doesn't want to marry his childhood friend, Lady Maud. But that rotter, Lord Milcroft, is also curious--and he zeroes in on the French treasures. . . including Claire: he uses blackmail to get her in his power; she emerges from two narrow scrapes with Virtue intact; the smuggling goes on apace, however, thanks to the vicar in a nearby town. And after a few midnight rides, Carlow becomes more committed to Claire's well-being, Raoul appears, Milcroft is routed, and True Love triumphs--all in agreeable enough fashion.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1983
Publisher: St. Martin's