THE KEYS TO THE HOUSE by Elizabeth Marion


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Author of The Day Will Come and Ellen Spring adds another embittered female, Maggie, to her gallery. Maggie, who lived behind locks, was a silent, oppressing mother, protecting herself and her son. n, her husband, had disappeared 20 years earlier. Max finds his father's body, attempts to piece together the story, traces their former hired man to whom his mother had been paying blackmail, and confronts her to learn her side of the story. Ben had discovered her affair with the hired man and vanished. Maggie sank into her grief and withdrew from the world. And now -- with the discovery of his body, she realizes he did not leave voluntarily, and her withdrawal is at an end. A holding tale of scandal imprisoning human beings in a shadowed world, of death freeing them. Nice handling of self reproach, self torment, humanly approached.

Publisher: Crowell