SUNFLIGHT by Elizabeth Meigs


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A roaring horse story set in old Mexico in the early eighteenth century. This story has all familiar lurid elements of period horse stories -- horse beatings, a brutal flogging of the horse's young master, and a duel to kill as the climax. Fifteen-year-old Felipe, an Indian worker on the lands of good Don Tomas wins honestly a (guess!!) golden Palomino, but evil Don Alonzo, who hates Don Tomas for his kind treatment of the Indians, whom most Spaniards treat as slaves, causes trouble. Felipe is accused unjustly of stealing the horse, Don Alonzo mistreats the horse, the horse escapes, only to be caught again as Don Alonzo is about to hang Felipe. Rescue comes in the person of the Spanish boy who is to take over the land of Don Tomas, and whose friendship Felipe has gained.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1951
Publisher: Dutton