THE DOG LOVER'S ANSWER BOOK by Elizabeth Meriwether Schuler


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An easygoing, commonsensical Q and A manual covering the average dog owner's trials from puppy selection to the problems of the decrepit dog, including a guide to the mysterious ways of the mighty AKC as well as breed profiles. There's something engaging about an author who answers a question on why females sometimes mount other dogs: ""I don't know why. They just do. Don't let it upset you."" Miss Schuler doesn't worry each bone of contention. Of course some may object to incidental matters--like Schuler's firm stand in favor of flea/tick collars (some vets have expressed concern over toxicity), and there's always the danger that the novice may overdo emergency care. However, the medical information is generally sound. The author's relaxed, affectionate attitude toward the family hound carries over to the training section (she's an on-the-spot rump slapper--by the time you've hunted for a folded newspaper the dog's forgotten he was a boor). The breed surveys, happily, are lightly critical--it's about time someone pointed out that, for example, the inbred Irish Setter in the US is ""taut, nervous, very stubborn and temperamental."" The novice could do worse than take Miss Schuler's sane, candid advice.

Pub Date: Jan. 27th, 1975
Publisher: Simon & Schuster