GOOD CATS: The Complete Guide to Cat Training by Elizabeth & Michael A. Kaplan Kaplan

GOOD CATS: The Complete Guide to Cat Training

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A step-by-step manual for training kittens and cats that takes advantage of a feline's natural inclinations and instincts. Much akin to Pirotin and Cohen's No Naughty Cats, but the concept here is encouraging the cat to teach himself the good behavior you want, sans the traditional food reward method. Tips are given first on getting a cat to learn the basics: how to come when called, walk on a leash (important for trips to the vet), and understand the meaning of ""no."" Then, specific suggestions are made on altering such problem behavior as furniture scratching (put a piece of aluminum foil on the damaged spot), and chewing and biting (rub lemon juice or black pepper on the area that's off-limits). To help alleviate the boredom and restlessness (especially for cats left on their own all day) that is often responsible for bad habits, several remedies are recommended: spend more time with kitty, open a closet door, change toys regularly, etc. Also provided are helpful suggestions on selecting the right cat (male or female, long- or short-haired, cat or kitten), keeping allergic reactions down to a minimum (vacuum your house regularly, brush your cat often, use an air filter), and learning how to detect any physical problems that may be at the root of behavioral disorders. With the exception of a glossing over of the dangers involved with declawing and feeding exclusively dry-food diets, a useful and on-target training guide.

Pub Date: June 12th, 1985
Publisher: Putnam