HAVING YOUR BABY BY DONOR INSEMINATION: A Complete Resource Guide by Elizabeth Noble


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Strong arguments for a more enlightened approach to artificial insemination by donor--chief, and most controversial, that the donor be known to the family and child--from a familiar, respected resource for childbirth. Noble is well known for her guides to healthier pregnancy (Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year; Childbirth with Insight); but this work has a strong personal slant that may surprise. Noble's husband was found to be sterile; after much medical consultation, discussion and soul-searching, the couple decided on donor insemination with a known donor--they chose a respected friend who had made the offer. ""The child's genetic, medical, and genealogical past--and thus her future--must be protected,"" says Noble. ""We must pledge this birthright to the children born from collaborative reproduction."" Noble describes her own family's experience while exploring the broader issues. She discusses the trauma of coping with male infertility, ""Alternatives to Male Biological Parenting,"" and then covers donor insemination (DI) in detail, including a critical discussion of the serious drawbacks in how most DI is done. Anonymous donors present astounding problems (to name just one, they may father numerous children in a single community--if this is not known, what if two of those children should marry?), but rarely has this practice been seriously questioned. Noble is rigorous in looking at ethical, moral, and legal dilemmas presented by DI, both in its traditional form and as she proposes it be done. Noble as always presents a challenge to readers to question long-established practices. She picks here on an area that begs for reform; and her arguments and research are well laid out. Her personal story makes the point solidly at a deeper level.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1987
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin