WEEP AND KNOW WHY by Elizabeth Ogilvie


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Ms. Ogilvie's first attempt at a ""mystery"" was ill-advised and apparently ill-supervised since it runs on interminably far. beyond the demands of the genre or the helter to skelter story. Mirabell takes a job dogsitting for an aunt near the scene and first love of her childhood -- a place called Cape Silver which has been left as a Nature Trust (there is a small environmental message) and Barnaby, who had hoped to inherit the land. Is the old house haunted? how did Barnaby's grandfather die? who are those prowlers (the birdfeeders are chopped down)? and why doesn't Barnaby remember what happened the night someone besides the reader finally dies? Even the romance is not much so you'll have to settle for the nature notes, enough for a field guide.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1972
Publisher: McGraw-Hill