MY WORLD IS AN ISLAND by Elizabeth Ogilvie
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Enchanting record of rugged living on little Gay's Island off the coast of Maine- the island which will be recognized by Elizabeth Ogilvie's fans who love Storm Tide, High Tide at Noon, The Eboing ide. There's a bit of the quality that endeared We Took To The Woods to hosts of readers to whom such a life was better read about than experienced. But this will have that added audience to whom islands are sacrosanct. As one reads, it is incredible that the mud flats, the tricky tides, the unprepossessing externals of the island could become favorite idiosyncrasies one would not do without, but somehow her own enthusiasm, her humorous acceptance and delayed action devotion is contagious, and even the mud flats become beautiful to the reader as well. Lots of the kind of adventure in home making we like; lots of adventure that become integral to this particular island home. Anecdotes of neighbors, animals, guests. Fun reading.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1950
Publisher: Whittlesey