PLOP PLOP PLOPPIE by Elizabeth Olds
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Undaunted by Ploppie's reputation as the sleepingest sea lion in the circus, Tim a circus-clown-turned-fisherman trains his pet to bark answers, toot a horn, clap her flippers and jump for fish off the island where they live. Curiosity gets the better of Ploppie and one day she disappears in pursuit of a school of fish. The sound of music calls her to shore where she is captured and shipped off to an aquarium. Though Ploppie enjoys the applause of her audience, she is overjoyed to be rescued by Tim and brought back to the island. Elizabeth Olds bases her story on authentic fact and illustrates it in a blend of simple line drawings and colorful pictures. Ploppie is a welcome respite from his canine and equestrain brethren.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1962
Publisher: Scribner