A SHIELD LIES OVER by Elizabeth Perdix


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Extreme stylization for a completely intellectual approach to the rebirth of one Jorris Traygh, orphan, playwright, of great beauty, now in process of being divorced. He has been in an almost fatal accident, and as he comes back into the land of the living, he meets his past, the life he has lived, his friends, his marriage, his present. Wholly introspective are his relations with lecherous Draper, his white daughter; Peresphone, his deaf wife; his colored sons, Lothar and Emmanuel; and his efforts towards understanding Lothar's attempt to kill him, as he strives to fit the members of the household into the pattern of his pain. Eventually comes the climax, when everything falls apart and a new pattern emerges, to spell his future....The publishers call this ""an original"", based on the legend of Baldur. Our guess is the general public won't give a whoop, while some critics may give it space for style and psychological penetration, and us lowbrows grow aweary at the struggle to keep it unusual.

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 1943
Publisher: Creative Age