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by Elizabeth Peters

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-124624-1
Publisher: Morrow/HarperCollins

Munich-based art historian and amateur sleuth Vicky Bliss (Night Train to Memphis, 1994, etc.) returns after a long hiatus to answer the burning question: Who would dare steal the mummy of King Tut?

Vicky and her longtime lover John Tregarth, formerly known as high-end thief Sir John Smythe, are dragged into the search for the stolen mummy by their Egyptian friend Feisal, who’s desperate to recover it. Well-known for his expertise in bold thefts, John is high on everyone’s list of suspects. Even Vicky and her wealthy, eccentric boss Schmidt can’t be certain he isn’t somehow involved. Their efforts to prove John innocent take them to London, Italy and eventually Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, as both thieves and law-enforcement agents eagerly trail them. When the tomb keeper, the only other person who knew about the theft, is found murdered, the sleuths are forced to take Feisal’s cousin Dr. Khifaya, secretary general in charge of antiquities, into their confidence. Soon a ransom note and one of Tut’s hands arrive for Khifaya, whose efforts to deal with the situation on his own are doomed to failure. As Vicky and Schmidt hatch scheme after scheme to recover the mummy, John calmly conducts his own investigation, often disappearing for long periods of time. Despite all the madcap misadventures, good eventually triumphs.

An over-the-top adventure yarn whose potent brew of mystery and romance should make it another hit among the Peters (Tomb of the Golden Bird, 2006, etc.) faithful.