THE CONQUISTADORS by Elizabeth Poe Kerby


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Framed by inconsequential opening and closing chapters on Spanish influence are more or less brief accounts of six Spanish explorers: Cortes, Pizarro, Ponce de Leon Narvaez, Vaca and Coronado. Coverage of Cortes and Coronado and related expeditions is the fullest but all are compressed and simplified though unexceptionable--except for the style which is sometimes stuffy (entourage where other, simpler words would do), sometimes upholstered (""Cortes wanted to. . . swashbuckle into the new world""). The imprecise, incomplete maps are inadequate throughout. The Buehr Spanish Conquistadors offers more background and implementation but it concentrates on Cortes and tells comparatively less about the others; it is also, of course, better written and better mapped. All told this is a drab book, a marginal reference at best.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1969
Publisher: Putnam