TO ANGER, WITH LOVE by Elizabeth R. Skoglund


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This self-halp manual by a ""Christian counsellor"" deals with anger and depression, and combines fairly familiar contemporary techniques of behavior analysis and control with a Protestant view of Scripture as a revelation of God's presence in the midst of suffering. With copious selections from her own case histories, Skoglund discusses anger as a natural reaction to hurt and frustration; it is not ""sinful."" She includes quotes from the Bible to support Divine acceptance of this attitude--although not all Christians will feel comfortable with her easy interpretations of the thundering anger of Yahweh. Anger and the depression resulting from stored-up rage have positive uses: psychologically, as goads to constructive action and as breakthroughs to a more realistic view of one's true feelings and situation. For the Christian, they offer opportunities to force change for the better or, once in the depths, to encounter God. And of course there are misuses--within family and society. Major avenues of help lie in sensitivity to the needs and problems of others, a sense of self worth and the ability to relinquish anger in the light of Divine grace. This is far removed from the pioneering attempts to join religion and psychology (such as Frankl's logotherapy treatises, from which Skoglund quotes), but it's a notch above the rock-bottom level of most pop psychology books intended for a religious audience, if only because of its generous excerpts from well-known specialists.

Pub Date: May 4th, 1977
Publisher: Harper & Row