THE WHOLE CHRISTIAN by Elizabeth R. Skoglund


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To many, the notion that illness, especially mental or emotional illness, stems from sin or lack of faith will seem narrow if not absurd. But there are evangelical Christians for whom the propriety of psychological counseling is a genuine problem, and this brief book, intelligent and gently persuasive, addresses their situation. Skoglund argues that there are medical, psychic, and spiritual dimensions to good health. Physicians cannot afford to overlook their patients' emotional and spiritual needs; counselors must be aware of physical factors as well as inescapable religious yearnings; and ministers should regard psychological and medical treatments as God-given supports. Skoglund herself is a religiously committed psychologist, and her book demonstrates the holistic practice of an effective therapist who can respond to the needs of her patients with everything from a recommended diet for hypoglycemia to quotations from the Bible for spiritual malaise. It should prove helpful.

Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 1976
Publisher: Harper & Row