TWO DOCTORS, TWO LOVES by Elizabeth Seifert


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From the grandmotherly author of Two Doctors and a Girl, The Doctors Were Brothers, The Doctor's Second Love, and dozens of others: another mild, chatty medico-soap--with far less OR grit than most of today's doctor-fiction readers are accustomed to. Jared O'Brien is one of the world's leading microsurgeons, specializing in ""microscopic vasectomy reversal."" His love-life, however, is nil--since youngish Jared, who lives at ""The House"" with vivacious divorcee-mother Helen, is obsessively self-conscious about the scar on his cheek (a Vietnam wound, now covered by a face-patch). Not even neighbor Lutie, the childhood-sweetheart whom Jared still loves, can coax him out of his workaholic, asexual stupor. But then Joel O'Brien arrives at the hospital--Jared's just-discovered half-brother, a charismatic emergency-trauma M.D. So, though there's an ugly spell when Jared thinks he has caught Joel and Helen (an adoring, adored stepma) in bed together, lively Joel is soon encouraging Jared toward romance: eventually Jared, on a trip to England, will meet Dr. Deborah Eckman (another microsurgeon supreme), inviting her to visit the O'Briens. And finally, then: Deborah visits; Joel is severely hurt, near-blinded in an E.R. scuffle; the two microwhizzes team up to save Joel's sight; and (says Joel to Jared) ""Deb and I'll buy and live in Lutie's house. You'll marry Lutie. And together we'll build a small house for Brig and Helen."" (Brig is the old beau who was really in bed with Helen.) Complete with ever-smiling black servants and instant solutions for some awfully severe hangups: a leisurely but oddly unsoothing little throwback, all talk and no action in both the romance and medical departments.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1982
Publisher: Dodd, Mead