A DEDICATED MAN by Elizabeth Taylor


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A collection of short stories with varied settings- English- European- again establishes that Elizabeth Taylor is as much at ease in this genre as in the novel. A self-conscious young girl's visits with her wealthier, more socially desirable, school friend end with her unexpected acceptance into the world she had viewed with a certain uneasiness; The Prerogative of Love is gracefully upheld in a childless marriage; a holiday in Greece returns a woman and a man to England and to an unfamiliar, uncomfortable reunion In A Different Light; a waiter and waitress combination, who have never really become husband and wife in spite of official sanction, breaks up on a note of maliciously edged evil; an ""ungrateful,"" ""wicked"" girl shrugs off a nattering mother and a dying father in As If I Should Care; etc., etc. All of the stories, with their felicities of insight and style finger experience discreetly and discerningly and provide more than occasional pleasure.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1965
Publisher: Viking