THE TUNTSA by &  Elizabeth Turen


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Report repeated from the August 15th bulletin, when scheduled for fall publication has been postponed . Condensed Book Club selection and there will be strong advertising. ""Another odyssey of small boats across the Atlantic, and a good one This is the story of a Finnish couple and some countrymen who, having endured the hardships of World War II, decide to strike out for America. They do so- nine of them-in a cranky, called the only 30 feet or so long. Inexperienced, part hampered, part blessed by an erratic, colorful, drunken navigator, they make their way down to Africa, then across the Atlantic through storms, police arrests, language hurdles, and every conceivable kind of barrier including sharks. Their journey, which eventually brought the piling up on White Horse Reef, is more than a story of adventure at son, more than a study of the people involved. It is in its way an apotheosis of the man who wants to come to America and who will let nothing stand in his way. Very readable.

Publisher: Regnery