WARS OF THE HEART by Elizabeth Villars


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The best of Villars' romances are buttery with opulence (Newport at the zenith; luxury liners on the crest of splendor); here there's less sparkle and more spine (but less mindless fun) as three home-front women--mainly, but not exclusively, in Manhattan--learn lessons about love and self-worth during WW II. Eventually, they'll all live together in a triangular support group: wealthy, Waspy Isabel Childs, not content to be a rich man's darling; Eliza Kramer, wife of successful New York City politician Michael, and mother of baby Teddy; and Lily Hartarski, from the wrong side of the tracks in a Midwestern town, bullied by an abusive father, and in love with Tom, who's from the tracks' starboard side. After being banished from home, Lilly will eventually become starring actress ""Lily Hart,"" pinup of GIs everywhere. But first--her lover Tom goes to war, Lily leads a factory strike and becomes the exploited protÉgÉ of director Gustav. Tom is missing, returns, the reunion is a bust, and exhausted star Lily is interviewed in New York by Isabel, who's fought to prove herself on the airwaves. In the meantime, during Michael's stint overseas, Eliza (Michael's ""sweet little dummy"") makes the grade in the ad biz, writes a play (Lily stars) and gets pregnant in Michael's absence. There are other men involved with the trio--some fade, some last. A pleasantly predictable slosh of romance with a lib flavor, to be serialized in Cosmopolitan.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1987
Publisher: Doubleday