JUST ONE INDIAN BOY by Elizabeth Witheridge


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Andy is not so much a typical ""one Indian boy"" as a composite blueprint for upward mobility, and while his developing maturity and social conscience are easy to approve of and applaud, they are very difficult to get involved with. The low point in Andy's life comes when he runs away from the high school where he has trouble both with lessons and his fellow students to work in a logging camp kitchen, but -- thanks to the fatherly interest of the Indian cook and a dedicated teacher -- Andy is soon on a track that leads to the University of Minnesota, social work with an Indian girl Tamara, and a projected teaching career. In addition to Tamara, Andy acquires two white friends Marty and Angela (they might as well be called Ken and Barbie); the best that can be said for this foursome is that their interaction -- whether helping the less fortunate, discussing the future or visiting Andy's reservation home -- is calculatedly wholesome.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1974
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: Atheneum