JIM PENNEY'S GOLDEN NUGGET by Elizabeth Witheridge
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The gold sugget Jingling in his pocket reminded Pennsylvania-bred Jim Penney of his father's promise to let him West for gold if he could save the money for the trip. Knowing Jim's talent for trouble, Doctor Penney was amazed at the boy's tenacity in earning money despite such peculiar methods as charging a cent for every cat brought to the schoolroom in an anti-mice campaign. Disappointment in losing his savings is relieved when Jim and his friend discover the thief's hideaway and recover the money. The dream come true, but on route with his father, Jim's experiences lead him to the realization that a truer life for him lios in his father's chosen profession. This is a fictionized true story, smoothly written, with characters that are wholly believable.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1961
Publisher: Abingdon