THE MAGIC IF: Stanislavski for Children by Elizabeth Y. Kelly

THE MAGIC IF: Stanislavski for Children

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Essentially a text for a serious studio course in method acting, this is addressed directly to children but will more likely be used by adults working with children -- we're not sure the average stagestruck child would know quite what to make of the master's view of monologue as a conversation between the brain and the solar plexus, or that he'd be motivated to carry out all the recommended exercises and homework projects on his own hook. In adult hands, however, The Magic If can provide both the theoretical thrust for a stimulating workshop course and graded, explicit suggestions for helping a child to ""become"" anything from a stone that rain is falling on to a complex imagined character.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1973
Publisher: National Educational Press, 711 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21206