CAROLINA'S COURAGE by Elizabeth Yates


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Carolina Putnam's family decides to leave their New Hampshire farm for the more fertile land of the West. When Carolina and her brother Mark are told that they can each bring one possession along, Carolina immediately chooses her beloved doll, Lydia-Lou, with whom she carries on endless conversations and prayers. Once they get over the trauma of leaving home and settling down in their covered wagon, the family makes what seems to be an extraordinarily placid journey. Eventually, however, they run into rumors of restless Indians, but John Putnam tells the family that there's nothing for them to fear as long as they look friendly and share everything they have. While Carolina is playing with Lydia-Lou she meets a little Indian girl, who is clutching her own doll. The girl decides to take the good China doll, leaving Carolina stuck with the grubby Indian doll. It turns out that the girl is the Chief's daughter, and as a result of Carolina's generosity, not only are the settlers granted safe passage, but are escorted home by a troop of smiling, clapping Indians -- the final blow in a goody-goody story.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1964
Publisher: Dutton