BRAVE INTERVAL by Elizabeth Yates


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Another Grand Hotel juxtaposition of characters in this assemblage of those who make up a pack trip through the Smokies -- and who contribute to each other's well-being. Conny, who is escaping the reality of her little son's sudden death; Kent, who is running away from doubts about his wife; Margaret, who is indulging the Maggie side of her life; John, who is trying to hide his illness from Nicky, who is quite ready to marry him -- but not now:- these are the trail mates who are guided by Gil from Tall Timbers through the mountains. And to each the scenery, the experiences with their horses and their communal responsibilities, and Gil's understanding sympathy bring benediction and balm and resolve for the future. Again, the Gene Stratton Porter outdoors with its healing and the inspiration of nature combine in a gently spoken story.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1952
Publisher: Coward-McCann