PATTERNS ON THE WALL by Elizabeth Yates
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A lovely, sensitive story of early New England, which has much of the same charm and atmosphere as Elizabeth Coatsworth's Here I Stay. As a boy, Jared Austin is to a Journeyman painter, in the days before wall-paper, who travels around New England decorating rooms in houses and taverns with stencilled patterns. Jared learns the , grows up, and brancs out for himself, and the main part of the story t of how he wins his and brings her home to the house he had painted so lovingly for her. A simple story and not a long one, the action being more concerned with the growth of the spirit than the march of events, and all through it the details of the practi of a forgotten craft are woven skillfully and charmingly. This is one of those in-between books, not juve and not quite dult, that will appeal to discriminating, people in both groups.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1943
Publisher: Knopf