MR. SKEFFINGTON by Elizabeth
Kirkus Star


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The trade and the public will welcome another book by ""Elizabeth"" who can always be counted on for a skilfully wrought tale, with plausible situations and characters. This time her heroine is at the line between accepting the approach of age and ceasing to struggle after the prerogatives of youth and she is not accepting the shift with the equanimity advisable. Her state of mind is further complicated by recurrent images of the husband of whom she had disposed twenty years before, so she goes to a neurologist for advice. She doesn't like the advice he gives her, and tries to solve her problem in her own way. What that way is makes entertaining reading, and the solution, while tinged a bit with a Warwick Deeping touch, is eminently satisfactory from the angle of the majority of her readers. A good book for rentals and for that large group of book buyers who want a good story, with a bit of social fur and an authentic English background.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1939
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran