THE NIGHT VEGETABLE EATER by Elke & Ted Musicant Musicant


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Of all the easy-reading friendships that go mincing by, this one between Rabbit and Fly is among the more arbitrary. In the book's best line, Fly agrees to stay at Rabbit's overnight. ""So Rabbit went to bed, and Fly found a comfortable spot on the wall."" (On second thought, why give Rabbit a bed and put Fly on the wall?) The story concerns their attempt to discover the secret thief who is nightly nibbling away at Rabbit's garden. Neither Blue Jay (plump and white in the picture) nor Nighthawk nor Worm has seen the intruder, and Rabbit's KEEP OUT sign fails to keep him out--though Fly enthuses, ""It is the nicest sign I have ever seen."" Rabbit then tries a night watch but falls asleep. Next night, however, Fly stands watch, enlists the Fireflies' aid, and catches the night vegetable eater--sleepwalking Rabbit in his bunny pajamas. There follows a trail of rundown dialogue ("". . . Guess who the night vegetable eater is! Who? You!. . ."")--as pallid as Bassett's corny two-color pictures, which have none of the sprightly appeal of her previous illustrations.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1981
Publisher: Dodd, Mead