$$$$$ AND SENSE by Ella Gale


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Mrs. Gale's really exhaustive book, which leaves no room for impulse shopping and will make you think twice before you stampede through to the check-out, discusses bonafide bargains versus those which are spuriously priced, discount stores and what to buy in them, trading stamp stores versus others. The latter can really lead to precision thinking: ""Instead of 4f worth of stamps on a $2.00 order, on Double Stamp Day, I got 8f worth of stamps, which still isn't as much as the 10f savings at the 1f-off- a gallon pump."" Well, without wasting our time, which is also worth money, to figure this out, we can say that she is very good on food (how graded, packaged), clothes, furniture appliances and equipment ( and the running costs), even a house, and at all times quality is kept in mind along with price. Home market analysis with lots of peripheral pointers; she's thought of most of the angles while cutting the corners.

Publisher: Fleet