AND NOT TO YIELD by Ella Winter


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This autobiographical record of a convinced feminist-idealist is, as the title would indicate, also that of a stubborn social reformer who was dedicated to fighting the good fight in many areas: in its reprise of her own story it also echoes most of the progressive ideas which were expressed in the '20's, '30's and '40's and the company she kept with an astounding number of well known people, artists, intellectuals, politicians, writers, and liberals all. Australian born, English educated, her growing interest in politics was shaped at the London School of Economics. Working for Frankfurter in Paris, she first met Lincoln Steffens and spent a ""charmed month"" which would lead to the 13 year common law marriage (he disliked the legal fetters) and their child, Pete. After his death, she married again- Donald Ogden Stewart- and throughout all the years she was active in many national and international trouble zones; she travelled to Russia and reported on it in its first Sovietized phase; she fought Naziism; she figured in the California strike activities of the '30's; she had many friends, from Jo Davidson to Steinbeck, Katherine Hepburn to Ingrid Bergman; and she lived fully, as well as widely, from the Left Bank to Carmel, from New York to Hollywood and London. She records it all simply, expansively but with real feeling.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World