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The Journey to I Do by Ellany T. Kincross

The Journey to I Do

A Psychic's Guide to Finding the Right Relationship

by Ellany T. Kincross

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1481226899
Publisher: CreateSpace

Kincross, a third-generation psychic, tackles the murky and often disappointing task of finding love in this self-help guide.

Divided into three sections, Kincross’ debut offers insight into the illusions that can trip up someone searching for a mate. It also recommends inner improvements everyone should make to prepare him or herself for love as well as strategies to find not only a relationship, but the right one. Kincross debunks many of the romantic myths perpetuated by Hollywood, specifically the 2001 movie Serendipity, a film that plays upon the desire for “signs” and cosmic indicators that two people are meant to be. Kincross calls into question the whole idea of two people being made for each other and destined to be together, citing this misconception as one of the main reasons why dating can be so difficult and disappointing. In general, Kincross objects to the overly romanticized concept of a soul mate, or at least the determined pursuit of finding one. Anyone can be a soul mate, Kincross argues, as she offers tips and guidance on making a relationship work with whomever one feels a connection. The onus, she says, is on the reader to make love happen. In addition to presenting a paradigm shift when it comes to finding love, Kincross compels her reader to delve inward and make strides in self-discovery by engaging in regular journal writing. Though material within sections can be scattered, she ends her chapters with provocative, well-targeted questions that will help readers focus and achieve an appropriate level of honesty to aid in determining what kind of spouse he or she truly needs. Written in a friendly, approachable and easy-to-read style, this guide is filled with spiritual thoughts as well as practical guidance from a narrator who comes across as a longtime friend and sage adviser.

A good investment for anyone wondering how to find meaningful, long-lasting love.