A WINTER'S RECKONING by Ellen Bromfield Geld


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This is dead set for the ladies: barely pausing to sigh, although well she might, Melissa looks back on her child-into-womanhood around WW II in the special world of protectiveness and possessiveness which was created by her father, Lorenzo, and perpetuated by their Nanny, an indispensably ruinous woman. Halcyon as it was to begin with, there was always an overcast to their life in London, Switzerland, and finally Maine, and one by one they withdrew--first her mother who took to her bed, leaving the rest of the household to Nanny; and then her brother Jaime, ineffectual to begin with, a total reject at the end, who began to literally play with fire; while Melissa, launched on her career as a dancer, crumples under it, under Lorenzo, under Nanny. An unregenerately sentimental story, fashioned out of reveries, anticipations, forebodings--one step removed from where you are or want out of--the soothing equivalent of an evening spent listening to Mantovani.

Pub Date: March 12th, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday