THEY WALK IN DARKNESS by Ellen C. Philtine


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The wife of a psychiatrist writes from inside knowledge a story exposing the institutional weaknesses of the State Asylum, -- neglect of inmates, interstaff politics, punctilios which hamper independent action, and -- too often -- baiting and brutalization of inmates by doctors. The facts are disguised in a fictional story of Peter and Elizabeth, -- Peter whose failure in private practice made him turn to institutional work. In charge of the Deteriorateds, he attempts to introduce gentler methods, and experimental therapy. His wife, Elizabeth, hates institutional life, and refuses to have a child at Farland, and -- brooding over her thwarted hopes of a career -- drives Peter into an affair with a nurse. Only then does she determine on a new start, and persuades Peter to take another job...Shocking, though not sensational -- this is a holding novel. The market Brainstorm, etc. perhaps!

Pub Date: April 5th, 1945
Publisher: Liveright