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by Ellen Crosby

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4391-6386-3
Publisher: Scribner

Those reunions with college classmates can be murder.

Although Virginia vineyard owner Lucie Montgomery (The Riesling Retribution, 2009, etc.) hasn’t heard from Rebecca Natale in years, she agrees when Rebecca asks her to join her in Washington, D.C., while she’s in town with Sir Thomas Asher, her wealthy boss. After a short, pleasant stroll past some of the architectural glories of the nation’s capital, punctuated by several enigmatic hints her old friend drops about her recent past, Rebecca departs to run some errands for her boss. When Rebecca, who was supposed to be picking up a precious wine cooler stolen during the War of 1812 by Sir Tommy’s ancestor, fails to appear at a gala reception that evening, Lucie is questioned by members of Sir Tommy’s entourage. The discovery the next morning of Rebecca’s clothes in a rowboat on the Potomac draws Lucie into a dangerous hunt for a possible killer. Rumors that Sir Tommy is another Bernie Madoff make whatever Rebecca might have told Lucie a subject of interest to the police, reporters, politicians and some hometown friends who may lose everything if Sir Tommy goes broke. Back home in Virginia, Lucie’s on-and-off relationship with her prickly winemaker Quinn Santori is also influenced by the scandal. Despite more murders, Lucie puts aside vineyard business to search for answers.

Another pleasing combination of mystery, history and romance in a series that never disappoints.