DOCTOR FRANK'S NO-AGING DIET: Eat and Grow Younger by


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Oh for the life of a sardine,"" Chaplin sang in Limelight. Now, it seems, all we have to do is eat sardines four times a week, along with other fish, oysters, peas, beans, liver, and we'll live to be 150. Gone (almost) will be cancer, diabetes, heart disease, emphysema, cataracts--to name but a few infirmities. The reason? All the above-mentioned foods are rich in nucleic acids. Give your diet a boost of these (along with multivitamins and lots of liquids so you don't turn acidic and manufacture kidney stones or get gout), and you provide the raw material to make ATP--the energy-rich molecule used in cell maintenance and repair. The theory is wondrously holistic and simple. Dr. Frank attributes aging to a decrease in cell energy level because of deficient RNA (ribonucleic acid). This leads to a biochemical vicious cycle which further compromises cell performance. And he finds this lackluster behavior to be implicated in all the diseases mentioned. Alas, he is a singular prophet, ignored by the medical profession, with extremely limited and questionable experimental data. At a time when molecular biologists and geneticists tend toward the theory that cancer is not a single disease with a single cause and aging is assumed to be a biological destiny controlled by the genes, it seems unlikely that the doctor's universal cause/universal panacea will gain acceptance. In fairness, his diet seems healthy and balanced. It is low-cholesterol and low-sodium. He does not advocate that the ill or aged throw away their medications. And his recipe for steamed bass Chinese-style sounds very good indeed.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1976
Publisher: Dial