LIGHT HER FIRE by Ellen Kreidman
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How to Ignite Passion and Excitement
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In her best-selling Light His Fire, Kreidman divulged the principles on which her classes of the same name are based, instructing women how to please men and keep their relationships playful, passionate, and committed. This new book grew out of her women students' complaints that, as always, they were expected to do all the work of enlivening intimate relationships; here, the author suggests how men can please their women. Kreidman's approach is neither serious (fill your woman's car with balloons, she suggests, each of which contains a romantic message, so she must pop them all to get in) nor sophisticated (she includes instructions for locating the clitoris and education about its role). Her assumptions are old-fashioned (pamper your woman at that special time of the month and don't take anything she says then too seriously; never believe her when she says something is too expensive for you to buy as a gift or that she wants the truth about whether you think she looks older or fatter). Kreidman also comes close at times to suggesting that the way for men to please women is to become more like women themselves. Hordes of women are sure to buy the book as a gift for their mates, and probably more than a few men will furtively smuggle copies to the cash register in search of enlightenment on the question Kreidman says puzzles her male students most: What do women really want?

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1990
ISBN: 394-58802-9
Publisher: Villard
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