FILM FORUM: Thirty-Five Top Filmmakers Discuss Their Craft by Ellen Oumano

FILM FORUM: Thirty-Five Top Filmmakers Discuss Their Craft

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From interviews since 1978 with an international assortment of filmmakers (some famous, many not), Oumano has pieced together mini-symposiums on nine areas of technique, style, theory, and practice. ""Cinematography"" offers comments on lenses, light sources, composition, and, above all, the concept and use of the ""the frame""--its limitations, its objectivity/subjectivity, its frustrations and virtues. (The late R.W. Fassbinder: ""I think the frame is like life. Life, too, offers only certain possibilities."") A short section on ""Sound"" touches on silents vs. talkies, provides a few words on music (Forman, Godard), and quotes Robert Altman (naturally) on overlapping, multiple soundtracks. ""The Actor"" is discussed by Godard (anti-stars), Airman (""I'll do whatever the actor wants to do""), Elio Petri, and George Romero (""I cast non-professionals a lot""). There's a skimpy section on ""Structure and Rhythm""--followed by slightly longer ones on ""Film and Reality"" (cinema verit‚, etc.) and ""The Viewer"" (audience involvement, manipulation). And the final chapters turn to the most practical matters: working with scriptwriters, cinematographers, and editors; production, distribution, and exhibition. (Robert Altman: ""It comes down to the filthy lucre."") Too thin in each subject area, and too oddly organized, for solid reference use--but worthwhile browsing for film students and serious buffs.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1985
Publisher: St. Martin's