THE LAW FOR A WOMAN: Real Cases and What Happened by Ellen & Wendy W. Susco Switzer

THE LAW FOR A WOMAN: Real Cases and What Happened

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Although tailored for women in its emphasis on situations in which females have been discriminated against in law and custom, this is a fairly good guide for all citizens who are at a loss when faced with common legal dilemmas. It is not, however, a do-it-yourself manual. The purpose of this book is to clarify what women's legal rights are--in employment, marriage and divorce, when handling wills, estates and trusts; in medical matters and as victims of rape. There is also a section on the legal problems of children (""Few children know the difference between a law and a role. . . a child cannot be taken into court and charged with a crime for breaking a rule--only a law""). There is a projection of changes the Equal Rights Amendment would bring about, chapters about women in law and politics, and numerous case histories with solutions which take into account new laws on federal and state levels. Appendices list information on law schools, grounds for divorce, and State Fair Employment Practices Commissions by state. Sensible, clear and accessible.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Scribners