A PLACE FOR THE WICKED by Elleston Trevor


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The seven friends who are engaged in this caper aren't really wicked. In fact, they're distressingly normal with just a small penchant for crime. For years they've taken their annual holiday at the Villa Mimosa in Antibes and when first seen here, they're holding a little pre-vacation celebration. There's Alec, the nicest man almost anyone's ever met, his wife Laura, polished but pleasingly warm. And there's Ron, who works in a garage and only once in a while goes for a little joyride in a borrowed car. He's careful, he has a horrendous memory of a six month sentence behind him. Besides there's his wife Chris, who worries. Then there's Stan, a hairdresser who enjoys a bit of a lark; it's all part of the game. Finally we have Mike, the big gentle man with. a past who every now and again does a little job that is never discussed. And Mike's wife Fay, a reformed kleptomaniac. The night before they leave for the Villa, all the men go along with Mike on a perfect heist, each for his own peculiar reason. But Ron panics and a policeman is killed. They get away with and from everything but conscience and inevitably. . . . Involving, only because of the clearly defined and sympathetic characters. Essentially a guilt-edged item for the ladies.

Pub Date: June 21st, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday