NIGHT STOP by Elleston Trevor


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Night Stop's a no-exit entertainment which takes place in the Desert Winds Motel outside of Las Vegas in country as desolate as the petrified forest. John Stevens, Superior Court Judge with gubernatorial prospects loses everything when he picks up a looker of a hooker from Vegas and ends at the bottom of a ravine. The girl is dead. Charlie Berlatsky, a very small-time crook retrieves the judge from the car, takes him to the motel where he lies enduring but surviving a bad back, while Charlie returns to the car to Find the body and bury it. He then attempts to convert his once-in-a-lifetime chance into real money, a hundred thousand dollars, planning to start out brand new with Rose, the motel keeper's young daughter. The story has not only the considerable physical traction of its givens, but plays on your hopes for Charlie, a nice klunky character, before he lucks out. You'll no doubt be seeing him again one of these days.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1974
Publisher: Doubleday