MAYHEM IN B-FLAT by Elliot Paul


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We might as well make confession, now and for all time, that we don't like the Homer Evans' yarns. They have gone the rounds of the staff, experts and amateurs, and we agree that Elliot Paul is putting something over on the experts, and doing spoof on a grand scale, with all the trimmings, and with every cliche, every type of melodrama, all the ingredients for a big mystery pie --and gotten away with it, untangling his web better than might be expected. Plenty of corpses this time, unidentifiable poisons, gangsters, cat houses, sex untrammeled, mysterious disappearances and all the other gags. Take it or leave it. He certainly has the hurrah-boys with him, but we aren't on the band wagon.

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1940
Publisher: Random House