THE GOLDEN TAG by Elliott Chaze


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A second (The Stainless Steel Kimono) novel which pursues the sometimes gay, sometimes fractious tenor of accord between Steve and Sally Monaghan, who with Tim, eight, are living in New Orleans where Steve is a news wire service man. There is the discouraging sameness of the heat, the dirt, and Sally's increasing irritability during her second pregnancy; there is their running feud with the Bears who live next door, there are Steve's temptations which run to beer and poker and a Mrs. Barclay, and the latter day regrets that he can't give Sally more; there is the disappointment when Sally's baby doesn't live, and Steve's manuscript is rejected; and there is the drama of a milk strike, when Steve is almost strung up on a tree by some angry farmers, and a hurricane -- in which they're separated... There's a young, recognizable resilience here to provide lighter reading with no specific importance or inclination.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster