NORTHERN NURSE by Elliott Merrick
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Personal achievement that is praiseworthy in this story of the author's wife and her work in Labrador. Kate Austen, born in Australia, became a nurse, hit Paris in post-first-world-war years, and signed up for two years under Grenfell and Paddon. Coming in the summer season, she got a preview of the winter's work, saved a young interne's life, learned all she could of treatment, dentistry, the people. An imperative operation removed Dr. Paddon from the scene and Kate is left to cope with winter at the hospital alone, with full responsibility for staff and patients. Babies and more babies -- sick mothers -- burns -- TB -- teeth -- dysentery -- hernia -- all kinds of sicknesses and accidents -- flying trips and whole communities foisted upon her. Her results won high praise when Grenfell and Paddon returned. Then came another summer, another winter, and her marriage. Absorbing reading of worthwhile accomplishments. And the Grenfell background presupposes a whole established and loyal market.

ISBN: 0881502995
Publisher: Scribner