GHOSTS WITH A PURPOSE by Elliott O'Donnell


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A ghostly gathering from various annals, and well-vouched-for verbal accounts, which offers a full panel of psychic phenomena as they have been observed or experienced. There's Lady Beresford whose preknowledge of her own death was fulfilled at the expected time; the actress who was victimized by visitations; the court appearance of a ghost during a murder trial. There are haunted clocks and prisons cells as well as coaches and castles; knockings and tappings and spirit writing; seizures and poltergeists; fetches and corpse candles; and all in all, a not too terrifying company of spirits- some malicious- some mischievous- to haunt your household..... O'Donnell who has written forty books (published in England) along these lines, is tapping a special market- you might say kindred spirits.

Publisher: Roy