DEEP SEA, HIGH MOUNTAIN by Elliott Roberts


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Important events, key figures and techniques and innovations in the development of the Coast and Geodetic Survey are covered in a precise accounting and dramatization of the topic. Maps and charts are the final product of surveying. How the surveyor accomplished his goal in years past, and in modern times, what instruments were used to probe the deep, and measure the earth, and the type of person attracted to the work (always a perfectionist, often an idealist adventurer) comprise the text basically. The work of such surveyors as Hassler, Ellis Robbins, Garner and Parker, the incorporation of the triangulation system into geodesy; the nature of the Air Photo System; such off-beat but illuminating probes into magnetic surveys, earthquakes and sea rages as well as a full-blown picture of the details of the job developed (often in an adventure story frame) opens yet another area of interest for the science- oriented.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Little, Brown