WILDWOOD WISDOM by Ellsworth Jaeger


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The how-to-do book for out-of-door living that not only includes cookery, nature lore, camp making, care and equipment, but clothing, what to buy or how to make it. Besides information on all these subjects, the background of each article and its history are given, making this virtually a library as well as a guide book. Invaluable for Boy Scouts, summer camp libraries, similar organisations, for details of pachs and packing, blankets and beds, shelters, fires and fire making, sanitation, care and use of as and knife, insects and dangers from animal life, crafts, canoeing and portaging, trailcraft, stalking and calling animals, what to do if lost, Indian lore, camp decorations, winter camping -- and excellent data on all areas of the country....reported originally P. 364 -- August 15th bulletin. (I can report personally on application of one piece of information -- a salve for use when working outdoors during black fly season. Yes, it worked!) Nostalgic value -- in January!

Pub Date: Jan. 16th, 1945
Publisher: Macmillan