SPORTS FOR RECREATION by Elmer D. editor Mitchell


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A very serious and rather heavy-going book but should be excellent for schools, camps, clubs, etc. Each sport treated in same manner, first its history, its ""place in the program"", general description of the sport, equipment, and so on. Suggested forms of contest, methods of scoring, etc. Obvious games such as baseball and football omitted, but games not readily found elsewhere are covered:- archery, Badminton, bowling, basketball, boxing, canoeing, fencing, golf, handball, horse-shoes, touch football, ice hockey, Lacrosse, rowing and sculling, soccer, speedball, squash rackets, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, water polo, winter sports, wrestling, codeball, table tennis, etc. etc. Important book for sports directors and camp councillors, and perfectly possible for use by boys (and girls) in their own organizations.

Publisher: Barnes