THE NEW ART OF SELLING by Elmer G. Leterman


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Words of advice from a famous salesman - among other things Mr. Leterman has sold insurance to movie stars and been the subject of one of the New Yorker's profiles-place selling on a level with the professions as an essential and challenging occupation in a world where only 50% of what is bought is needed. The rest must be sold creatively if we are to keep up our standard of living. This can be done and the techniques for it developed by first realizing what are one's potentials as a salesman. Basic psychological principles defining "creative" or problem solving thought and ten cases of problematical sales follow. The next section of the book is devoted to the means of attaining these abilities as one's own and chapters as how to get creative ideas (in reality how people who do have them think), the idea as a dynamic force, using modern selling aids, developing one's curiosity, turning customers into friends, etc., instruct the well motivated reader to these ends. Lastly, the different fields of selling such as farm goods, door-to-door, luxury selling and so forth are examined with a view to making future salesmen look the field over carefully before deciding on a special branch. A book that stresses a thorough knowledge of customer and product, on a literate level, over and above the more tawdry principles that give the profession its questionable nature.

Publisher: Harper